Unlike in other games, in golf, weather plays a crucial role.

It is the key predictors to judge who will play and win in a tournament. And, if one checks the forecast of the tournament, then name that jumps to mind. And that is Rory McIlroy.

Augusta National will have greens, rolling fast and smooth. And when the rain will come, it will make the course smoother. So, after the rain, the course will become favorable for those players who are big hitters. And, the big hitters in the event are Rory and Dustin Johnson. If such scenario will occur, then players will have to make a sharper hit to make the ball reach to the hole. Both the players are not only capable of carrying the ball past others off the tee, but also they have the potential to hit shorter clubs into greens.

According to the current form of Rory, the course will become favorable for him. Moreover, looking at the career record of McIlroy, the events that have featured delay in weather has benefited the player. So, this is a good news for McIlroy. He is preparing himself for the event and wants to win this tournament.

Although, this is just a prediction and one has the option of trusting or not trusting on the prediction. However, in the world of golf, people are taking this prediction very seriously. So, this is all good news for McIlroy. The rain will happen or not, this time will say. But, as if now, the player would have gotten the positive vibes of winning the tournament. And if the win does not come to the player, then finishing the event at some good score could also happen. McIlroy has to wait and watch.