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Golf World No. 2 Rory McIlroy has pushed the blame on his golf ball this time after he failed to complete the career grand slam yet again.

The golf star was tipped to do the career grand slam at Augusta but he ended up six shots from the eventual winner Sergio Garcia.

His display at the event leaves much to be desired as he finished in seventh place. His best result at the tournament remains the top four finish in 2015. The expectations have been much and he has not been able to handle it very well.

“I need to change my golf ball. That’s a big thing. I thought my golf ball this week was doing weird things in the wind. It was very inconsistent so there’s one thing I will change and try to work on the next few weeks,” he said.

Rory added that he feels his swinging is still good and his putting. He feels something is wrong with the equipment to he would work around them. [Continue reading…]

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