Friday night, during a beautiful show in Ireland last weekend, had seen the young nine year old boy come face to face with his golfing hero.

There was a beautiful reaction from the young boy.

McIlroy has been a fabulous golfer, with four major victories, at the age of 27. One other thing about him is that he is equally great to kids as well.

Charlies Smyth, the 9 year old was playing McIlroy’s video game during a program called the Late Late Toy Show on RTE. He was reeling of all kinds of accomplishments and statistics of his hero to the host of the show, Ryan Tubridy.

McIlroy, had recently won the PGA Tour’s FedEx Cup and went home with a $10 million prize for emerging the winner.

Smyth had been talking about all of the money McIlroy had recently jokingly asked Tubridy if he could get a loan from his hero.

Tubridy was impressed and replied saying,

“Well why don’t you ask him?”

At this point, McIlroy strolled out from behind a curtain where he had been to the absolute delight of the young boy. He was so in awe and surprise that he hardly knew what to do as he saw his golfer hero working towards him.

However, McIlroy did not come there empty handed. McIlroy wasn’t so sure of which console the young boy had, so he brought signed copies of his game both for PlayStation and Xbox.

That was not all as he also gave him tickets for him and members of his family to attend the Irish Open coming up next year where McIlroy will be the defending champion.

Also, he chatted some more with Smyth and gave him some great words of encouragement as well.